Our agency collaborates with professional companies that are specialized on team development and experimental leadership. They are committed to building client relationships and designing training programs on the highest level. The training programs are based on experimental education method and in most part they take place in the nature. The Overland Travel Agency is waiting for the application of groups that have minimum 8 persons.


Why do you need us?

An organization must work within teams to be effective.  We can contribute to the development of human resources in your organization

  •       On individual levels by offering:   
      • Leadership and Self-development trainings  
  •       On organisational levels by offering
      • Teambuilding trainings

        Situational analysis:
        If your orgnaization has needs in any of the following areas:  

 A new team (new employees, changes occured on the Board of Trustees, new volunteers, etc.)   

  • Communication problems between employees and management
  • Unsolved conflicts between employees and/or organizational members   
  • Problems in teams efficiencey
  • Low motivation and team spirit  
  • Unidentified abilities of your employees, members and/or volunteers      

 Consider the following scenarios:

  • Need to promote someone into new or different leader  position  
  • Development of personal and leadership skills of your employees, members orf volunteers   

We propose  a  leadership training or a personal development training, depending on identified needs.

What you have to do?

  • Carefully review our Organizational Development Training offer 
  • Contact us
  • Take part in a training!      

 'A mind stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions' 



Goal: to develop the area of human resources within the non-profit sector to increase their performance, through challenging and interactive programs held  in an unfamiliar setting utilizing nature as a background.

Objectives: based upon need:

  • Teambuilding
  • Conflict  resolution
  • Strategical planning 
  • Leadership
  • Personal development
  • Project management

 Expected results:

  • A more performance oriented and efficient team
  • A clear vision about the development process of your organization 
  • Increased leadership abilities:   
    o       Increased decision making skills
    o        Priority management
  • Sharing responsibilities/duties 
  • A better working knowledge of self and others